About Us

Oziel Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd

Oziel Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd has engaged for New Philosophy of Work Culture and experimenting the requirement with innovation to provide products into Clinical Dermatology & also pioneering to Design Well Customize Aesthetic and Cosmetic Products to honour the motto of Together, Healthier, and Happier for Nourishing & Protecting the Skin.

Where we have been able to provide consistently innovative products, many of them are first to the Market for patient convenience and compliance.

We are gradually building a meaningful presence in the Indian market with a selective product portfolio, which includes complex technology products to get the competitive advantage in the market place. We expect the current market to be our key growth driver in the coming years.

We together believe that Healthier Expansion of our reach to All Dermatologist & Cosmetologist across the Country & World Wide by Providing the Happier look to the most important organ of the body-The Skin, which enhances the Quality of people Lives.

At Oziel, we follow the motto of Together, Healthier and Happier.


Our Purpose & Aim to recognize the significance of Human Skin where our products help to protect Healthy Skin and Care compromised skin.

We are determined to have a Holistic View on our wide range of products which help to protect, nourish & enhance Human Skin and also play a vital role to treat, correct and restore skin health when needed.

We believe that to ensure sustained growth, we need to clearly understand our customer's needs and use cutting edge technology to present innovative solutions.

Oziel has a Mission with passion to provide Affordable & Quality products which improve quality of people’s skin by focusing on science based customized products for Human Skin.


We are having Vision to provide effective solutions to our dermatologists and healthcare professionals so that their patients find relief from the burden of skin diseases.

We will be ensuring to work on Quality & affordability of product which further give a feeling of utmost care of patients and ensuring that every Dermatology Dr must be proud of prescribing any brand from our product portfolio.


We as a pharmaceutical company always own the humanitarian responsibility to provide products to patients who are in need with assurance of Quality & Innovation.

Quality has always been our key concern which is quite evident in the wide range of our products being manufactured by WHO GMP certified plants and our compliance with the Strictest manufacturing regulation of the pharmaceutical industry.

We always adhere with our motto of Together, Healthier, Happier in every single step of serving Dermatology with utmost care of Human Skin.


We have a team with more than 15 years of experience serving the Dermatology fraternity and are being known by India’s leading Dermatologists, Aestheticians and Cosmetologists.

We understand the soul of Dermatology and most of our products have been endorsed by Dermatologists across the Country and have also been a point of discussion among the fraternity & used in Renowned Medical Institutes.

Our products cover a wide spectrum of dermatological indication and provide a range of products in each segment like Hair Care, Acne Care, Melasma Care, Anti-Fungal, Anti-Allergic, Scabicidal, Immunomodulators, Dermatitis, Moisturiser, Nutritional and range of soap. Our products have been extremely well accepted by Dermatologists and their patients throughout India and neighbouring countries.

We always have been committed with our sheer Competence to stand tall for our Ethics & Unwavering Consistency in delivering.