METHODIN capsules

METHODIN capsules

METHODIN capsules

Methodin capsules are a clinically tested medication. It is a prescription based product. This Product is recommended to be used for Adolescent acne, Acne scars & Antibiotic resistant acne.  

     Key Ingredient:

Zinc methionine, Proanthocyanidins, Chromium Picolinate, vitamin-E, Vitamin-C, Salina Extract.

Key Benefits of Zinc Methionine:

·            In Methodin capsules methionine bound to zinc complex which enhance bioavailability of Zinc

·            It shows Anti-androgenic action

·            It shows Anti-microbial action

·            Controls process of hyperkeratinization

Key Benefits of Proanthocyanidins:

I Methodin capsules proanthocyanidins offers excellent antioxidant & Anti-inflammatory action.

· It is beneficial in reducing the incidence of acne

· It is effective in reducing dark patches

Key Benefits of Chromium Picolinate:

· Chromium picolinate removes the energy source of Propinobacterium acnes

Key Benefits of Vitamin E:

· Vitamin E in Methodin capsule prevents Sebum Oxidation

Key Benefits of vitamin C + Salina extract:

· Both helps to regain softness and elasticity of skin

Directions for Use: 

·            Once daily dose is recommend for Minimum 3 Months or as Directed by dermatologist


•      Adolescent acne

                        – OD for 3 Months

•      In PCOD induced acne

                         – O.D for 3-6 Months

•      In antibiotic resistant acne

                        - OD for 3 Months

•      Adjutant therapy in severe acne

                        – OD for 1-3 Months

•      Maintenance therapy

                        – OD As required 

Safety Information: 

·            Novel & advanced formulation to address to Acne & Acne Scars

·            Read the label carefully before use

·            Keep out of the reach of children